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Imagine, you went to a pizza shop to eat a pizza.

Now, you ordered it and waiting for the pizza to come. The shopkeeper came with the pizza, gave you some ketchup sachet, oregano, etc and you started eating it because you are very hungry.

Let’s understand the problem first.

As we know, We can write multiple triggers on an object in salesforce. But it is not recommended by salesforce to have more than 1 trigger on an object. The reason is, you can’t fix the order of execution of these triggers. So, if you have more than one trigger in an object, which one will run first, no one knows.

Possible Solution

The only possible solution which is probably the best is to club all logic in one trigger. Don’t go for another one. This solution will work fine, when you are working on small applications and that too unmanaged package…

Imagine, you are a developer of an FPS video game team who is developing this game for Play station 5. The game consists of battles with online enemies using different types of guns and weapons.

Use case

you have been assigned a task to design controls. So, before starting the design, let’s note down some of the actions, which are required to be performed through controllers/Keys.

  1. fire — fire bullets.
  2. jump — jump from the hurdles.
  3. reload — reload the gun.
  4. Scope — Aim towards the target.
  5. weapon Change — change the weapon.

and there could be many more actions possible. There…

Consider the below schema,

here are 2 programs right now,

  1. Covid Vaccine details: which saves data of vaccines availability
  2. NewsLetter: for General news.

and you can subscribe to either one or both, depending on your choice through Subscribe Program.

It seems to be a boring idea to create something which is already present and doing its job exceptionally well. The query Editor of the Salesforce Developer console is already cool. Also, a lot of browser extensions are available which do the same thing. You might ask, Why do we need to re-create it?

I also had the same question. Also, I already had created a chrome extension for the same purpose. So, re-creation won’t be that interesting.

BUT… as we all should know, if things are not interesting, make them interesting.

So, I pinged some of my colleagues to…

Interviewer: What is an Apex Scheduler?

Interviewee: Apex Scheduler is an ability to invoke an Apex class to run at specific times.

Interviewer: What could be the use cases for this?

Interviewee: There could be many use cases

For example:

  1. Sending Periodic notifications to users.
  2. NewsLetters on the 15th of every month.
  3. Tasks related to real-time updates.

Interviewer: Ok. So, what are the prerequisites for the apex scheduler?

Interviewee: The apex class needs to implement the Salesforce-provided interface Schedulable. and override it’s execute() method.

Interviewer: Can you write the basic Apex structure of a class that can be scheduled?


A patch is a .(dot)x version of an existing managed package that allows developers to change the functionality of any of the components present in the package.

How are Patches useful?

Patches should be considered as minor improvements to a Released Managed package.

  1. they are mainly used to fix bugs or other errors.
  2. Subscribers can get patch improvements just like other package versions.

Why should you go for a patch?

If you already know about Singleton, this blog is specially for you becasue we are gonna discuss something new here, which doesn’t get much attention.

What is a Singleton Pattern?

Singleton stands for “One and only One”. So, Singleton Pattern stands for “There is One and only One way to perform a task.

In terms of Object-Oriented Programming, The intent of Singleton Pattern is

  1. Ensure a class has only one instance, and provide a global point of access to it.
  2. Encapsulated “just-in-time initialization” or “initialization on first use”.

I have been observing this for a year that, people are mad about LWC and creating a lot of cool stuff. I also thought of, creating something cool, but WHAT?

After a hell lot of research, I thought of starting with the “Hello World”.

WHAT!! Don’t Judge me.

People who are new to LWC, “Hello world” is also tough. Don’t take it lightly.

So without wasting any time, I logged in to my trailhead profile and searched for the Lightning Web Components tutorial.

Through Horizontal Scaling Or Vertical Scaling, we have solved the Scalability issue, to some extent. But it doesn’t guarantee the availability of services all the time.

Considering the fact that the internet is growing rapidly, and the modern high‑traffic websites must serve at least hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests from users or clients, but it won’t be possible if one server is handling all the requests.

Since the workload on Server 1 grows very fast, it will start overloading and may cause a system failure. …

Vimal Tiwari

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